ChaseTheLadder keep track on the Strava Leaderboards

ChaseTheLadder (beta)

ChaseTheLadder keeps you up to date on your position on the Strava Leaderboards after each activity.

Currently we monitor the monthly distance and climbing challenge leaderboards for cycling and running.

After each run or ride we will send you an email report showing your new position in the leaderboards.

You will find out where you are compared to all Strava athletes who have signed up to the challenge.

You will also find out where you are compared to your friends on Strava.

AND you will find out where you are in each of the Strava clubs you are a member of.

ChaseTheLadder aims to motivate you to get out there one more time to chase down the person above you, or to increase the gap to the person below you.

You'll also get to see the average distance and average climb that others do, giving you an insight of what it might take to get to the top.

How ChaseTheLadder works.

You run or ride and upload to Strava.

Strava automatically notifies ChaseTheLadder with information about your latest activity.

ChaseTheLadder then reviews the leaderboard of the challenge relevant to the activity, and then sends a report to you by email.

We need you to sign up to ChaseTheLadder so that Strava knows to notify us when you have completed an activity.

This is done in a secure manner, we never get to see your passwords. The security is handled by Strava servers in the background.

You can revoke ChaseTheLadder's access at any time from within Strava. Each email we send you gives instructions on how to do this.

Things to be aware of...

We will wait around 1 hour after your activity has been uploaded to Strava before sending you the latest report. This is so you can adjust the Strava activity e.g. add a title and description, or you could decide to delete an activity that has been uploaded in error.

You have to sign up to the challenges - although we are working on an option to automate this for you each month.

We only cover FOUR challenges each month. These are the monthly cycling distance challenge, the monthly cycling climbing challenge, the monthly running distance challenge, and the monthly running climbing challenge.

Note also that you may complete an activity and then find that you have moved DOWN the leaderboard, this happens when others around you have gone even further than you since your previous activity and so they have overtaken you. You'll have to get out there and try harder!